Moon Stage


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Evolution Festival · Moon-Stage (Evolution Festival)


Psykovsky [RUS] (live)

8hours live ritual / OSOM Music

Necropsycho [BR]

Alice D Records

Paul Karma [GR]

Deviant Force / Discovalley Records

Mind Oscillation [GR]

Deviant Force

Malkaviam [VEN]

Deviant Force

Dark Elf [GR]

Pralayah Records 

Pastor John [UK]

Zulu Tunes

Kokobloko [GR]

Future Tribe

Mimic Vat [PRT]

Kamino Records

Sick Noise [SRB]

Free Radical Records

Midnite Climax [GTM]

Nacion Psicodelica

Fractaly Noise [BR]

Shamanism Records / Kamino Records

Alpha [DE]

Damaru / Interzone PA

Audiokid Napping [DE]


Kounoupi [DE]

Badgers Records

Synthezia [DE]

Shunyata Records

Acid Combo [DE]

BlackOut Records

Malum [DE]

Freak Rec./ BlackOut Rec.

Medhorinum [GR]

Deviant Force

Psycko [DE]

BlackOut Records

Dr. Hank [BR-DE]

Shamanism Rec./ Free Radical Rec.

What people say...

Tom Grauzone

This Event is decorated with great attention to detail. Super friendly people of all ages and lots and lots of good music ...

Maik Dittkrist

Thanx for this Festival!
It was very nice, the people, the location, and especially the non-stop fireworks of music!❤️

Petra Funke

What a beautiful festival, which was organized with so much attention to detail. Thank you, that I could be there.

Sille Scholz

It was a beautiful and mega great festival❤ so many lovely and friendly people, a friendly harmonious togetherness, it was mega beautiful

Sasa Bang

It was so unique. Everything was so lovingly and richly thought out in detail, there was a lot of work behind it and we really appreciated that. It was simply thought of everything important. Especially the elves have simply topped everything. Thank you, we gladly come next year again

Adrian Kusara

Many thanks to you! It is incredible what you have accomplished there! Please never give up on this location!

Evolution Festival 2022


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Print@Home Ticket



incl. taxes,
plus 1,00€ for direct support of the PsyClean Crew
+ 1,20€ Fee to process payment in advance.






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The ticket gives access to the festival area as well as the use of the campsite and overnight stay (4 days and nights).
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