Celebrating a festival at a crystal clear lake, dancing for 4 days and 3 nights in the middle of nearly untouched nature, sounds almost like a dream these days.

So we came to make this dream come true again!



Of course, nobody can predict the situation with Covid in a few month, but at the moment we are confident to be in a good position with our date in September.

In some countries, the first events are already taking place again, and also here in Germany too, politicians are promising the first steps in this direction.

We'll keep an eye on all developments in terms of regulations and possibilities in the event sector and adjust our preparations accordingly. 

But whatever we do, the protection of your health remains our top priority.

A new and fantastic team, which is made up of many experienced professionals from various areas of the event industry, is standing behind the Evolution Festival since 2019.

What unites us, is the deeply rooted love for the party culture. We are no different from you. We miss the moments that make life special for us.

We are aware, that our team and the wonderful location, have huge potential and we can hardly wait to transform Lake Garlin into a dream world again.

That's one of the reasons why we will give our everything, to celebrate life with you again in September!

Viva la


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